Lemon Juice For Acne

lemon juiceEliminate acne without having to first buy expense products that might not even work for you. What is this cheap and easy home made acne remedy? Lemon Juice! Through out generations and many cultures lemons have been used in remedies to treat many illnesses and conditions. Lemons have been used to treat many things, from asthma, sore throat,  to cold and flu like sicknesses.

All the credit goes to the strong disinfectant properties that are natural to lemon. In addition to it’s uses in the general health area, it is reported to be used in many beauty therapy courses. Lemon juice is used to give hair a natural looking shine, highlighting and lightening up the hair. It is used on freckles, to heal scars and blemishes,  as well as aging marks.

Lemon juice on acne works thanks to its natural disinfectant properties that help clear up unwanted infections that are responsible for causing break outs. The natural acids in lemon juice breaks down harmful acne causing germs and bacteria. After applying to the surfaces of the infected skin the acids in lemon juice causes the main culprit, p. acnes bacteria, to deteriorate and break down.

The inherent acidic qualities of lemon juice not only helps kill the bacteria but also cleanses clogged pores, reducing redness, making the surface smoother, giving the skin a shine and glow.

L-absorbic acid, is the main citric acid ingredient in lemon juice that fights and remedy acne. It is used in variety of other acne and scar treating products. It sloughs off dead skin cells and encourage growth of new cells. Exfoliating process of the L-absorbic acid in lemon juice works as a natural astringent removing excess oil, drying up the skin surfaces and minimizing the potential of future breakouts.

How to Use and Apply Lemon Juice For Acne Treatment?

What you need:

A Small bowl
Medicated cotton or cotton balls
Tap or mineral water

1. Before applying the lemon juice, it is very important to wash your face with some warm water and anti-bacterial soap. You can also steam clean your face by placing it over hot water and use a towel over your head to capture and direct the steam towards your face, preventing it from escaping. This process will help in opening up the pores a bit.

2. Squeeze the lemons and collect about 1 to 2 tsp. of juice in the bowl. Grab some cotton and soak up some of the lemon juice. Apply gently to your face and cover affected areas where the acne and pimples are. Use it on all areas where there might be skin problems. If the application of lemon juice burns, use water (preferably mineral water) to dilute it, helping in reducing the burning sensation.

3. Leave the juice on your face so it can work it’s magic fighting the infection and removing the dirt plus oil clogged up on the surface. You can leave it for overnight, and rinse your face the next morning. If it is too strong you can wash it off with cold water after 30 mins. For some, it is preferable to leave it overnight to see better results.

4. You can repeat the process the next day or take an interval break for a day or two, and continue applying until you reach your desirable results with this cheap and easy home remedy.


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